Feline Fur Loss

If you notice that your cat is losing an unusual amount of fur, there are several possible reasons, including illness, stress or fighting. If you are concerned, let your San Diego vet take a look!


Older cats can develop thyroid problems, which can cause fur loss. Cats can also have alopecia, like humans. Fleas, mites, worms or lack of nutrients can be factors, too. If you think your cat is sick, talk to your San Diego vet right away.


Cats can become stressed if their routines or environment change. Moving to a new home, losing or gaining a family member or even changing foods can make cats anxious and lead to fur loss.Your San Diego vet can help you consider such environmental factors. Grooming helps, too!


Cats sometimes take their play-fighting a little too far. Take this into consideration if your cat interacts with other animals in the house or outside. Cats sometimes pull out each other’s fur while fighting, but if your cat’s fur loss occurs regularly, this probably isn’t the cause. Your San Diego vet can check your cat for other fight-related injuries.

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