Essential Care for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs can make wonderful little pets. They’re curious, amusing animals who are fun to feed and care for. Learn more about the guinea pig’s basic requirements below from a Lansing, MI veterinarian.

Dietary Needs

Guinea pigs eat a commercial pellet diet and timothy hay, both of which are available at most pet supply shops and some retail outlets. The diet should also be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Some good choices include apple, strawberry, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, carrots, and kiwi, among others.


Your pig’s cage needs a solid bottom to accommodate wood-shaving bedding material; these shavings should be scooped out and replaced on a weekly basis to keep things fresh. Also make sure there’s enough space for a food dish, hiding hut, water bottle, and play toys.

Handling and Socialization

Some guinea pigs are rather skittish—bear in mind that it may take some time before your pig warms up to human contact. Be patient and try to gently handle your pet multiple times a day; over time, they will become accustomed to you!

For more information on guinea pig care and behavior, call your veterinarians Lansing, MI. We’re here to help!

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