Don’t Believe These Myths About Heartworm

Heartworms are some of the most dangerous pests out there that can harm our animal companions. Unfortunately, there are several myths floating around that simply aren’t true! Here, your Frisco, TX veterinarian sets the record straight.

Only Dogs Get Heartworm

Many people think that heartworm is a canine-only problem. While dogs are the most at-risk pet, cats and ferrets can also contract heartworm! Cats have more of a natural resistance to the pests, but they can contract an infestation nonetheless, so it’s important to keep them protected.

Heartworm is Only a Problem in Hot Weather

Think heartworms are only a problem during the summer? Think again. Although mosquitoes (which transmit heartworm) thrive during hot weather, they can also be active in cooler climates, even into the fall. Don’t assume that your pet is safe just because it’s not sweltering outside!

Heartworm Isn’t Fatal

This isn’t true—heartworm can indeed be fatal, and often is. That’s why it’s important to keep your dog or cat on a quality preventative medication to ward off the worms from the start.

Does your pet need checked for heartworm, or are they in need of preventatives? Schedule an appointment at your vet clinic Frisco, TX.

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