Your Dog’s Personality

There’s no doubt. The reason that we all love our dogs is their personalities! Each dog is unique, with its own special quirks. Ask your Indianapolis vet for more details.


Dog personalities range from the more confident leaders to the shy and timid and everything in between. There are dogs who are more happy being a loner dog and there are others who are intensely social. They all have their own ways to fit in. Your Indianapolis vet will be able to help you ascertain whether your dog’s social behavior is healthy or not.


Interestingly enough, dominance is actually not itself a personality type. Rather, it is a trait which is expressed from dogs throughout the spectrum. For instance, a confident dog isn’t always dominant, and a loner dog isn’t always submissive.

There is as much variation in dog personalities as there is among humans. If you would like more information regarding these traits, check with your Indianapolis vet.

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