Dogs’ Hearing

Is it true that dogs have a better sense of hearing than humans? Well, yes, in fact. Your Oceanside, CA vet clinic can check your dog’s hearing, but here are some facts that apply to most dogs.


Dogs hear a wider range of sounds than humans, 40-45,000hz compared to our 20-20,000hz. Thus, they can hear higher-pitched sounds. Their ears can also rotate more than humans’ ears, and each ear can hear independently. Dogs with ears that stand up and have little hair hear better than dogs with floppy, hairy ears. Your Oceanside, CA vet clinic can tell you how well your dog’s breed can usually hear.


Dogs can listen to many sounds at one time. They can filter sounds, focusing on what’s important. This helps them locate objects whether they are hunting or tracking. If your dog often hunts, ask your Oceanside, CA vet clinic about keeping him safe.


Dogs can become deaf as they age, and some are born deaf. If so, they may be in danger when they go outside, since they can’t hear traffic or predators. If your dog is hard of hearing, tell your veterinarian Oceanside, CA.

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