Dogs, Cats, and Antibiotics

Antibiotics are common across human medicine, and they’re also prescribed to pets quite frequently. Learn more about your pet and antibiotics as your Crown Point, IN veterinarian elaborates below.

What Do Antibiotics Treat?

Antibiotics kill off bacteria in or on your pet’s body. They don’t treat viruses, and would only be prescribed to a pet suffering from a virus if the patient has developed a secondary bacterial infection. Antibiotics kill bacteria by weakening bacteria cells, preventing bacteria from multiplying, or by interfering with the cells’ ability to repair themselves.

How Are Antibiotics Given to Pets?

Antibiotics are sometimes applied directly to a pet’s skin in a gel or cream form; these are called topical antibiotics. Other antibiotics come in pill or tablet form and must either be given with food to improve absorption rates or on an empty stomach to prevent the medication from binding with food ingredients.

Are Antibiotics Safe?

Yes, antibiotics are a very safe treatment method for pets. Some pets could have adverse side effects, like vomiting or diarrhea, so check with your vet if your pet isn’t reacting well to an antibiotic.

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