Dogs and Ear Mites

Ear mites are a common problem for dogs. How can you tell if your dog has ear mites and what can you do about it? Your Vancouver, BC vet clinic can help you.


The most common symptom of ear mites is excessive ear-scratching. Sometimes your dog may scratch other parts of his head, too. Look for crusty black, brown or red areas in the outer ear and on the neck or tail. Your Vancouver, BC vet clinic can check for tell-tale dark bumps in the ear canal.

Side Effects

Your dog’s excessive scratching and head-shaking can cause other problems. In extreme cases, shaking can lead to a hematoma, when a blood vessel breaks and blood pools in the ear. Mites are contagious and may spread to your other pets, but won’t affect humans. Your Vancouver, BC vet clinic can tell if your other pets are affected.


Once your Vancouver, BC vet clinic checks your dog and makes a diagnosis, they can give you an ear cleaner to treat your dog at home. Other animals in the household may need to be treated, too, and you should clean your house thoroughly to kill remaining mites.

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