Dogs and Depression

As is the case with humans, mental health is a concern for dogs, too. Just like poor mental health can have a negative impact on the quality and quantity of our own lives, so also does it affect our dogs in the same way. But what are some ways to tell if your dog might be depressed? For the best information, check with your Thorold vet.

The Signs

One indicator is that your dog seems drawn back from normal family interactions. Is Scruffy hiding? Is he uninterested in things that he used to love? You might want to consult your Thorold vet just to make sure he’s okay.

Another indicator is a sudden change in appetite. Is Scruffy not eating? Regardless, that is an immediate clue that he needs to see his Thorold vet. There are many different conditions which could cause a drop in appetite, but mental health can definitely be one of the mitigating factors.

Look for these signs in your own dog. If you sense something is wrong, it is usually a good idea to check with your Thorold vet just in case. As always, an open dialog is best!

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