Your Dog in the Storm

Many dogs have anxiety. But dogs who have anxiety about thunder and lightning (and usually fireworks if this is the case) require special love and attention. If you have any specific concerns, make sure and check with your Olathe vet. Here are some things that can help.


Thundershirts help your dog to feel safe and secure during a thunderstorm. It wraps tightly around your dog’s torso and helps him or her to feel alright. They are used by millions already and can have a substantial effect. For more information, ask your Olathe vet.

Calm Petting

Make sure that you are gentle with your dog. Understanding is important when they are afraid. Speak in a very calm, collected voice and gently pet your dog to try and lower his or her anxiety level until the storm has stopped. Ask your Veterinarian Olathe for the best techniques.

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