Dog Paw Care 101

Your dog’s paws are quite important to him—after all, they allow him to walk, run, scratch, touch, groom, and much more! Keep these essential body parts healthy with these tips from a Scottsdale, AZ veterinary professional.

Nail Trims

Nail trims are a key part of great paw care. If nails are allowed to become too long or sharp, they can catch in carpets or fracture painfully, sometimes even affecting a dog’s ability to walk. Use a canine-specific nail trimmer, or set up an appointment at your vet’s office to have your dog’s nails clipped by a pro.

Paw Checks

Sit down with your dog once a week in a well-lit room. Examine the paws—do you notice any swelling, wounds, or anything else out of the ordinary? Check the paw pads as well; it’s easy for small objects like pebbles, burrs, or bits of plastic or metal to get embedded in them. If you see something amiss, let your veterinarian know.

Paw Pad Health

When the weather heats up, it’s very easy for paw pads to get burnt on scorching asphalt. Have your dog avoid hot asphalt whenever possible.

Talk to your Scottsdale, AZ veterinarian for more paw-care tips.

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