The Dangers of Retractable Leashes

There are many dangerous drawbacks in terms of retractable leashes. When you take out your dog, it is important that it have freedom of movement and exploration. But make sure it’s safe!

Lack of Control

Retractable leashes can often times still give your dog enough room to run out in front of a car. It can also prevent you from restraining your dog should this become necessary.

Shock to the Neck

Retractable leashes can sometimes cause a great deal of pain to your dog – and even serious injury. If it runs and then gets a sudden stop when the leash runs out, it can unintentionally jerk the dog’s neck, causing serious injury. Your Myrtle Beach vet will have good recommendations for prevention.

Poor Training

Retractable leashes also can cause a dog to learn to pull on the leash in order to go where it wants. This can be especially bad if the dog transitions eventually into a solid leash.

For more information, make sure to check with your Myrtle Beach vet.


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