Could Your Dog or Cat Have Arthritis?

Arthritis is relatively common amongst dogs and cats, especially those that are overweight. It’s up to you to recognize the signs of this disorder so that you can help your pet stay comfortable! Learn more here from an vet Aurora, CO.

Lower Activity Level

One of the first signs of arthritis in pets is a lower level of activity. Does your pet avoid playtime? Do they not seem as excited for walks as they used to be? If you think your pet’s behavior has changed, it’s worth a call to the vet’s office—arthritis or other issues could be the root cause.

Licking and Chewing

Pets experiencing joint pain will often lick or chew at the affected area in an attempt to stop the discomfort. If your pet is licking or chewing at an area excessively, arthritis could be to blame. Make an appointment at your vet’s office to have your pet examined.


Often, pets eliminate in the house because it’s too painful to make it to the litter box, or outside to use the bathroom.

Do you suspect that your pet might be suffering from arthritis pain? Get them the help they need—call your veterinarians Aurora, CO.

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