Common Pet Poisons in Your Home

Did you know that just about every home already contains a few pet poisons? The trick is being aware so that your furry friend stays safe. Learn more below from your London, ON veterinarian.

Toxic Foods

Plenty of human foods—chocolate, candy, gum, alcohol, onions, garlic, shallots, chives, grapes and raisins, salty items, fatty foods, avocado, and more—aren’t safe for pets to consume. Never leave harmful foods within reach of your animal companion.


Human medications like aspirin, cough syrup, antidepressants, prescription pills, and many over-the-counter drugs can harm pets. Keep medicines inside a closed cabinet at all times!

Poisonous Plants

There is a long list of harmful plants and flowers. Some common offenders include lilies, dieffenbachia, elephant ear, azalea/rhododendron, certain aloe plants, tulips, daffodils, ivy, oleander, and poinsettias. Check your home for poisonous plant varieties, and remove them if necessary.


Do you use pesticides in your home to ward off insect or rodent intruders? Place them carefully, because these products can poison our pets as easily as the pests they’re made to kill. Ask your vet about non-toxic alternative options.

Wondering about other potential pet poisons in your home? Call your veterinarians London, ON professional for help.

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