Cold-Weather Care Tips for Pets

When it gets cold outside, it’s important to keep your pets’ safety in mind. With a few simple precautions, you can easily make sure your pet stays happy and healthy! Learn more below from a vet in Indianapolis, IN.

Indoor Time

The easiest way to make sure your pet stays healthy during cold weather is to restrict their outdoor time. Pets will be happiest and warmest indoors with you and your family. Keep outdoor time short, for the occasion bathroom break or exercise sessions, before returning to the comfort of your home.

Seasonal Hazards

Have your pet avoid antifreeze at all costs—many varieties contain an alcoholic substance called ethylene glycol, which can poison pets easily. Also try to avoid ice patches, since pets may track in road salt or ice-melt chemicals on the paws, ingesting them later.

Bed Tips

Take care to avoid placing your pet’s bed near a door or window, where a cold draft may blow in and make your animal companion uncomfortable overnight. Whenever possible, try to place your pet’s bed near the center of the home where it’s warmest.

Does your pet need veterinary attention? We’re here to help! Call your Vet Indianapolis, IN.

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