Coat Care Tips for Dogs

A dog needs a healthy coat of fur to look and feel their best. Here, your Indianapolis, IN veterinarian offers a few tips on maintaining your dog’s coat quality throughout life.

Quality Diet

Did you know that poor nutrition can drastically affect the quality of a dog’s outward appearance? Feed your dog a high-quality canine diet that is appropriate for his or her age, breed, and general health. This way, your dog’s coat—and the rest of the body—will stay in peak condition.

Regular Grooming

Run a brush through your dog’s fur regularly to remove tangles, prevent mats, and moisturize the fur with essential skin oils. You can also bathe your dog occasionally using a dog-specific shampoo. Don’t overdo bathing, however, as frequent baths can actually dry out the skin and lead to excessive shedding and other issues.

Hair Care Products

Some dogs may benefit from additional canine hair-care products, like doggie conditioner, finishing sprays, or dietary supplements made to improve skin and fur health. Ask your veterinarian about these products and whether or not they may be right for your dog.

If you would like more information, call your pet clinic Indianapolis, IN to speak with a professional.

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