Coat Care for Fido

It’s up to you to keep your beloved canine friend’s coat clean and healthy—it’s an important part of Fido’s overall health! Use these quick tips from a Burlington, ON veterinarian to maintain your dog’s good coat health.


Brush your dog on a regular basis. Brushing helps to get rid of grime underneath the fur, trap loose hair in the brush itself to cut back on shedding, and spread essential oils through the entire coat. That keeps your dog’s fur moisturized and reduces shedding at the outset.


Bathe your dog occasionally using warm water and a canine-formulated shampoo. Take care not to get any shampoo in Fido’s eyes, ears, or mouth. Don’t overdo bathing—you can dry out the skin and fur if you bathe your dog too much!

Great Diet

Last but not least, make sure that your dog is fed a great diet. This gives your dog’s skin and fur all the nutrients it needs for proper growth. Fatty acids are particularly important for a smooth and shiny coat of fur. Ask your vet for a recommendation on great food for your pup.

Contact your veterinary clinic Burlington, ON to set up Fido’s next appointment.

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