Cleaning Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

Do you own a guinea pig? Cage cleaning is a critical part of being a good cavy owner. Use these basic steps to give your guinea’s cage a thorough cleaning:

Move Your Pig Elsewhere

First things first—move your guinea pig to a spare cage to keep him safe. You don’t want your fragile pet around cleaning chemicals. Be sure to provide him with a bit of food and a hiding spot.

Remove Bedding and Clean Cage

Remove the used bedding from your pig’s main cage. Now, use hot water and a pet-safe soap—ask your Aurora, CO vet for a recommendation—to thoroughly clean the floor and walls of your pig’s cage. Also take time to wash all cage items, like food dishes, toys, and huts.

Rinse, Dry, and Replace

Rinse your pig’s cage out with fresh water, then allow it to air dry or towel it down. Put fresh bedding back in the cage and replace all of your guinea pig’s essential items. Now, you’re ready to re-introduce your pet to his freshly cleaned home!

Are you new to guinea pig ownership? Do you have further questions about caring for guinea pigs? Call your pet clinic Aurora, CO.

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