Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs and Cats

As you probably know, chocolate is one of the most common and dangerous pet poisons out there. Here, your North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian delves a little deeper into the symptoms and treatment of chocolate poisoning, as well as how to prevent poisoning in the first place.


Symptoms of chocolate poisoning include lethargy, drooling, vomiting, and diarrhea. Without treatment, serious symptoms like seizures, coma, and even death can occur.

All types of chocolate—milk, dark, semi-sweet, baking chocolate, white, etc.—can cause these symptoms. That’s because all chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, harmful chemical agents that pets shouldn’t have.


Your veterinarian may flush a pet’s stomach to rid the body of the toxin, or administer activated charcoal to slow the poison’s absorption in the stomach. As your pet recovers, supportive measures like fluid therapy and oxygen supplementation may be required.


Clearly, it’s much easier and safer to prevent poisoning before it occurs. This is as easy as restricting your pet’s access to all chocolates and products containing chocolate. Store chocolate treats inside closed cabinets or the refrigerator; never leave them out on countertops, where pets may gain access.

Talk to your veterinarians North Phoenix, AZ for more information.

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