Cats and Gum Disease

Keeping track of your cat’s dental health is a great way to save money over the life of your pet. Always check with your Jacksonville vet for ideas. Below, we’re presenting some ideas to you the will be helpful in identifying a possible gum condition on your feline companion.

  1. Bad Breath

Animals never have “minty fresh” breath to begin with. However, as your Jacksonville vet can attest, there is also a point in you can smell infections.

  1. Appearance

This requires you to gently check inside your cat’s mouth. Gently separate his or her mouth open and look at the gums. If they appear red and swollen, it’s time to get some help from your Jacksonville vet clinic.

  1. Not Eating

Avoiding food can also be a sign of gum disease, among other things. If your cat isn’t eating, check with your Jacksonville vet immediately.

Keeping up with brushing will help you to ensure that your cat is at its best and will pay dividends in savings in the future!

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