Cats and Whiskers

A simple outline drawing of a cat isn’t obvious until it gets one of cats’ most prominent features – whiskers. But have you ever wondered why cats have whiskers and what they’re for? For information on cat care, check with your Myrtle Beach vet.

What they Are

Cat whiskers are not simply hair. They are an essential piece of a cat’s ability to move around like they do. They are completely different from other hairs in that they are touch-sensitive. Cats use them to feel their way around, even in the dark. It gives them a better understanding of the world right in front of their face that is sometimes below their line of sight. For more information, check with your Myrtle Beach vet.

Being that they are so essential, you must remember to never cut or clip them. This is incredibly detrimental to your cat’s wellbeing. For more check with your Myrtle Beach vet.

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