Pet Toxins at Home

Did you know that there are many substances—probably a few in your home right now—that can easily toxins your pet? Make sure your animal friend isn’t at risk. Below, your Newmarket, ON vet tells you what to stay on the lookout for:

Human Foods

All sorts of human foods aren’t safe for pets to eat. The list includes chocolate, candy, gum, onions, garlic, chives, leeks, scallions, shallots, fatty foods, rich or buttery foods, salt, grapes and raisins, and alcohol, among others. Keep harmful foods far out of your pet’s reach!


Do you set up pesticide products in or around your home to ward off insects or rodents? Keep in mind that these substances may very well be harmful to companion animals, as well. Don’t let your dog or cat come into contact with harmful pesticides or rodenticides, because the results could be deadly.

Toxic Plant Life

The list of toxic plants and flowers for pets is quite long. Some common culprits include lilies, dieffenbachia, the sago palm, aloe plants, tulips, daffodils, rhododendron (also called azalea), philodendron, and chrysanthemum. Check your garden and home at once!

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