How to Explain Fluffy’s Kneading Behavior

You’ve probably seen your cat knead before, even if you didn’t know the behavior had a name. Kneading is when your cat presses the front paws into an object in an alternating rhythm, usually while preparing for a nap. Your vet Jacksonville, FL gives some insight into this behavior below:

Bedding Down

It’s suspected that the wild ancestors of your domesticated cat kneaded hard grass or dirt surfaces when preparing a napping area for themselves or their offspring. Your modern cat’s kneading behavior might be passed down from generations before!

Territory Marking

Your cat’s paw pads have scent glands in them, and pheromones are released when your cat kneads. In this way, she may be marking her territory, whether it’s a favorite blanket or even your leg.

Nursing Instincts

Did you know that kittens sometimes knead their mother’s belly during the nursing period? It’s thought to stimulate milk production in the mother. Your cat might experience positive feelings when kneading as an adult because he or she associates the action with pleasant emotions as a kitten!

To learn more about your cat’s unique behavior and healthcare needs, contact your veterinary clinic Jacksonville, FL right away. We’re always here to help!