Bathing Your Kitten

If you bathe your kitten while she’s still young, she’ll grow up with the experience and be less likely to abhor bath time as an adult cat. Here, your Livonia, MI veterinarian gives you three easy steps to bathe a kitten:

Gather Supplies

First things first—gather everything you’ll need by the kitchen sink or bathtub. You’ll want a feline-safe shampoo, a large soft towel, and a few cat treats.

Wet and Shampoo

First, sit your kitten in about an inch or so of lukewarm water so that she gets used to the sensation. When she’s ready, rinse her down with more lukewarm water, taking care to avoid the face. Dab a small amount of the shampoo onto her coat and massage it through, working your way down from neck to tail.

Rinse, Dry, and Reward

Once your kitten has been thoroughly shampooed, rinse her off with warm water, again taking care to avoid the noise, eyes, ears, and mouth. Now, dry her off with the towel. Offer a cat treat or two for a job well done!

Do you need help with your feline friend’s grooming routine? Call the professionals—your animal hospital Livonia, MI is here to help!