The Role of Antibiotics in Veterinary Medicine

You’ve probably taken antibiotics yourself at some point or another. This class of medication is also extremely useful for our pets. Here, learn more about antibiotics and their use in veterinary medicine from a veterinary clinic in Jacksonville, FL. 

What Antibiotics Do

Antibiotics kill harmful bacteria found in or on your pet’s body. These medications work by stopping the bacteria from replicating, interfering with the bacteria cells’ ability to repair themselves, or weakening the existing bacteria. 

Note that antibiotics would never be prescribed to treat a viral infection—they only treat bacterial infections.

How Antibiotics Are Administered

Antibiotics that treat internal infections usually come in pill or capsule form and are taken orally. Some oral antibiotics must be taken with food to improve absorption, while some should be given on an empty stomach only. Antibiotics that treat external infections on the skin usually come in gel, ointment, or cream form. 

Potential Side Effects

Antibiotics rarely cause side effects, but it’s possible for some pets to experience diarrhea or vomiting. Let your vet know if you’re concerned while your pet is on an antibiotic regimen. 

For more information, get in touch with your veterinarians in Jacksonville, FL. We’re here for you and your pet!