Special Care Considerations for Your Brachycephalic Dog

Brachycephalic dogs are definitely adorable. They’re the breeds with squashed faces and bulging eyes, like the Pug, Pekingese, Boston Terrier, and French and English Bulldog. These pups have some special care needs! Learn more below from a vet Gresham, OR.

Don’t let them over-exert themselves. 

Brachycephalic breeds don’t have the best respiratory functionality thanks to their unusual facial structure and narrow nostrils. They can easily become exhausted when they’re over-exerted, especially in hot weather. Generally speaking, you’ll want to keep play sessions short! 

Keep stress to a minimum. 

This is good advice for any pet, but your brachycephalic dog may be particularly susceptible to stress and anxiety because of the same reasons described above—they can’t recover as well when they get over-excited. Keep stress in your home to a minimum for everyone’s benefit. 

Practice good dental hygiene. 

Again, a recommendation for any dog. But because brachycephalic dogs’ teeth are crowded together because of their unique facial structure, dental problems are even more likely. Be sure to brush Fido’s teeth regularly to combat plaque build-up. 

Does your brachycephalic dog need veterinary attention? We can help. Schedule an appointment with your pet clinic Gresham, OR right away. There’s no time to waste!