Quick Senior Pet Care Tips

Do you share your home with an aging pet? It’s important to keep up with their care needs because our older companions need our attention now more than ever! Learn more about senior pet care in this article from a veterinarian Westminster, MD.

Feed the Right Diet

Your senior companion’s dietary needs have changed drastically from the time he or she was a young pet. Your senior pet has very specific nutritional requirements! Consult your veterinarian to get a recommendation on a great senior pet formula that suits your pet’s needs.

Keep Up With Preventatives

It’s all too easy for a pest infestation or a serious disease to sideline your older pet’s health, potentially with dangerous consequences. That’s why keeping up-to-date with preventative medications is as important now as it ever was. Your pet should be protected against fleas, ticks, and worms, and needs essential vaccinations against distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, rabies, and others.

See Your Vet Frequently

Visit your vet’s office frequently to have your older pet examined. That way, any health problems can be caught early and treated as necessary.

Set up your pet’s next office visit at your animal hospital Westminster, MD. We are always here to help!