3 Ways to Lengthen Your Dog’s Life

Your canine companion gives you lots of things—love, loyalty, and unbridled amusement included. Who wouldn’t want that to stick around for as long as possible? Here, learn how to lengthen your dog’s life as your vets New Orleans, LA give you a few tips.

Practice Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine keeps your dog healthy in the long-term, so you don’t have to deal with health issues in the first place. Make sure your dog is updated with vaccinations and is wearing a proper flea-and-tick preventative as well as a heartworm preventative. These steps will keep your dog happy and healthy for years to come!

Good Diet and Regular Exercise

One of the easiest ways to help your dog live longer is to feed him a great diet throughout life. Dogs who receive great nutrition tend to be much healthier, much longer. Couple that with regular exercise to keep Fido fit, and you’ve got a recipe for a long life!

Veterinary Checkups

Last but not least, having your pet examined at the vet’s office regularly is a great way to ensure Fido’s health for years. If your dog needs a checkup, don’t delay.

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