How to Prevent Fluffy From Nibbling on Plants

Many of our feline friends have an annoying habit of chewing on houseplants. And it can be dangerous, as some plants can prove toxic to cats! Here, your veterinarian Aurora, CO gives some tips on getting Fluffy to stop nibbling on your houseplants.

Choose Safe Plants

The first rule of thumb is to choose safe, non-toxic plants. That way, even if your cat does take a bite, she’s at a lower risk. Harmful plants for cats include things like dieffenbachia, elephant ear, philodendron, rhododendron, lilies, the sago palm, ivy, tulips, and chrysanthemums—it’s best to choose something else to make sure Fluffy stays safe.

Use Deterrents

Try adding a little citrus juice or the peel of a lemon into your plant; cats don’t like the smell of citrus, so it should deter them. You can also use something like cayenne pepper, or purchase a pet-specific deterrent made for houseplants.

Place Plants Wisely

Placing plants in areas where cats are less likely to get at them is another good way to minimize your cat’s unwanted behavior. Try placing plants in high places where your cat can’t reach.

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