Can My Dog See in the Dark?

It probably seems like your dog can see far better in the dark than you can. And that’s true. Dogs are better at seeing in the dark than we are. Learn more about your dog’s nighttime vision in this article from pet clinic Aurora, CO. 

Do dogs have good night vision?

Dogs’ pupils get larger in the dark, just like yours, and it allows more light to pass through the eyes than it does in humans. Additionally, dogs have a secret weapon in their eyes—the tapetum lucidum, which is essentially a mirror that reflects extra light to give the eyes a boost when it’s dark. Dogs don’t have perfect night vision but they do see better in low light than we do.

Why do dogs’ eyes glow in the dark?

The tapetum lucidum is the reason that you see your dog’s eyes glow in the dark. This part of your dog’s anatomy reflects light back to the retina and amplifies it, creating the “glow” effect. 

How can I keep my dog’s eyes healthy?

Feed Fido a great diet and have him examined at the vet’s office regularly. Call your veterinarian Aurora, CO for more tips on canine eye care.