Tips for Giving Your Dog a Pill with No Fuss

It’s not always easy to give your dog a pill… our canine friends tend to be very picky. It’s likely that you will have to administer pill medication at some point or another, though. Try these tips from a Murrieta, CA veterinarian:

Hide it In Food

Often, it’s easiest to simply hide your dog’s pill in a glob of wet dog food, or inside a roll of lean deli meat. With any luck, your dog will gobble up the treat without knowing there was medication inside! Check with your vet to make sure your dog’s pill can be taken with food.

Crush or Grind the Pill

Ask your vet if you can crush or grind up your dog’s medication and sprinkle it over food. This isn’t always possible, because it might render the medicine ineffective or introduce too much to your dog’s system at once. When it is allowed, though, it’s very effective!

Toss Trick

Try tossing your dog a treat or two, then his pill, then another treat. Your dog will be so excited by the stream of treats that he won’t notice an imposter in the middle!

Call your vet clinic Murrieta, CA for help with your dog’s medication.