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A. Excerpted from: Takahashi, H., Scott, T.K. and Suge, H. 1992. Stimulation of root elongation and curvature by calcium. Plant Physiol. 98:246-252.

As shown in dining Table 1, the development of origins addressed with 10 mM Ca2+ ended up being more or less 30% higher than the settings for the 3.5 period that is h Ca2+ application to Alaska pea origins and roughly 80% more than control for 12 h after the therapy in ageotropum pea. But, the development of Alaska pea origins failed to change from that of control origins whenever calculated 12 h after Ca2+ treatment. Roots of Silver Queen corn additionally revealed a growth of around 70% in development 3 h application that is following of mM Ca2+ (Table 1). (more…)