Introducing Two Cats

Are you getting ready to introduce a new feline companion to the cat you already own? It’s important to do this properly to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Learn how below from a vet in Rochester, NY.

Go Slow

Rule number one: don’t rush things. Cats may take a while to warm up to one another, and it’s important that you don’t force them together too soon. Allow your cats to acclimate to one another over time; it might take weeks or even months before two cats are completely comfortable with each other! Patience is key.

Separate Areas

Although cats can learn to share litter boxes and food dishes eventually, it’s best to keep these areas separate at first. This way, each cat has their own territory that they can feel safe and secure in.

Vaccines, Pest Control

Make sure that both of your cats are up-to-date on the necessary vaccinations and pest-control products; there’s no sense in dealing with two ill cats when you don’t have to!

Does your feline friend need essential vaccinations, pest-control medications, or a veterinary exam? We’re here to help! Contact your veterinarian Rochester, NY today for help from the professionals.