Choosing Cat Toys

When was the last time your cat got a new toy? Remember that playing is about a lot more than good plain fun—it’s important to keep your cat physically active in order to stave off obesity, especially as Fluffy ages. Read on as your pet clinic Webster, NY offers a few tips on choosing cat toys. 

Prey Drive

Most cats love toys that stimulate their prey drive. A fake mouse on the end of a string, for example, lets your cat stalk and hunt her “prey” before pouncing. It’s a great way to use your pet’s natural instincts to have a lot of fun, and get a little exercise at the same time. 


Have you ever tried catnip on your feline friend? You can purchase toys with catnip in them, or purchase “raw” catnip and sprinkle it in your cat’s area. Keep in mind that not all cats respond to catnip—if your cat doesn’t possess a certain gene inherited from their parents, catnip won’t have much effect. 

Safety First

Check toys for small bits and pieces that could be chewed off, swallowed, or choked on. Always consider safety when purchasing cat toys!

Call your vets Webster, NY for more insights.