3 Reasons Your Cat Isn’t Using the Litter Box

About one in every 10 cats will experience a litter box aversion at some point in their lives. Is your cat eliminating outside of their litter box? There are several possible reasons why—learn more below from a vet New Orleans, LA.

It’s Not Clean Enough

Who wants to use a dirty bathroom? Your cat certainly doesn’t. If you don’t clean out the box often enough, Fluffy might shun it entirely. Scoop the litter box every day and change the litter frequently.

It’s Not Placed Properly

Cats are picky about where their bathroom is located. For the best results, put it in a quiet, out-of-the-way spot where your cat can use it without being disturbed. A basement or quiet laundry room will work best in most homes.

It’s Too Hard to Access

Make sure that screen doors, sliding doors, or other obstacles aren’t blocking your cat’s path to her litter box. Otherwise, she’ll be forced to go elsewhere!

If you still can’t seem to find out why your cat is avoiding her litter box, call your vet. It’s possible that a medical issue is to blame! Set up an office appointment with your animal hospital New Orleans, LA right away.