Cat Toys on a Budget

There are many awesome toys out there for purchase that your cat is sure to love. But what if you’re on a shoestring budget? Well, we have the perfect solution for you and your cat! For more information, ask your Niagara Falls vet.

  1. Ball in the Bath

Place a ping pong ball in a dry bathtub and let your cat try to chase it around. This will keep it entertained for hours!

  1. DIY Cat Condo

Take a few cardboard boxes and cut some holes into them. Stack and tape them together for an impromptu Kitty Condo! For safety information, check with your Niagara Falls vet.

  1. The Paper Bag

Paper bags are great for pouncing, chasing, hiding, or anything else your cat might want. The bag’s noise will keep the cat’s attention.

For everything, though, check with your veterinary clinic niagara falls to make sure that every improvised toy is safe for your feline companion.

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