Cat Territorial Marking – What to do?

We’ve all been told that many cats frequently mark all of the territory they can. It might seem strange to us, but in reality it is very common. There are many techniques that your Marietta vet clinic can help you with to modify this behavior.


One of the most common forms of a cat marking its territory is by scratching. Now, it’s important to understand that not all scratching is marking. Cats love scratching for play as well. If your cat is scratching and you’re unsure of why, check with your Marietta vet clinic.


You know how your cat always loves to rub up against your leg? Guess what – it’s claiming you! Cats rub up on things to put their scent on them. This helps to notify other cats simply by their noses as to who “owns” the current territory. For more information on this, check with your Marietta vet.


Similar to dogs, cats will use urine to mark their territory, but usually this is in the form of “spraying” as opposed to normal urination. For the most up to date information, check with your vet Marietta.

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