Is My Cat Grooming Too Much?

Different cats, like humans, have different standards when it comes to self-grooming. Some seem to groom a little less frequently while others are fastidious, focusing on every single detail of their fur. But sometimes, excessive grooming can be an indicator of some other issues for which we really need to pay attention.

When exactly might your feline friend’s grooming patterns be a little too much?

Damaged Fur or Skin
Cats can spend sometimes up to half of their day grooming themselves and still be normal. Since it is impossible for all owners to observe their cats every second of every day, it can be incredibly difficult to figure this out until there is noticeable physical evidence on the feline’s body. One of the first and most obvious indicators is missing patches of fur. If you notice any such patches on your cat, contact your veterinarian immediately. You never want to leave problems like that unchecked as they could develop into serious medical conditions causing a lot of agony.

Too Many Hairballs

Another way to tell is by the number of hairballs. Depending on the breed, if you see more than one or two in a week, you should contact your vet, just to make sure there isn’t a more serious problem. You, the owner, will know when this number is excessive.

Other Factors

Our cats and kittens can sometimes appear to lead very luxurious lives. But that doesn’t mean that Fluffy is actually stress-free. Even though stress can lead to over-grooming, it is still essential that you contact your vet, as only she will be capable of making the best diagnosis. Home diagnoses can often times be wrong, so give your furry family member the best chance at a full recovery!

Remember that the reason this is important to watch for is that it leaves your cat susceptible to elements it normally wouldn’t have to contend with. Their fur is there to insulate their body and to protect the skin. This is true for both hot and cold temperatures. Furthermore, if the condition is left untreated, she could wear away at her skin, leading to major infections.

Cats are wonderful because they require so little maintenance and can get along just fine as independent creatures. Let’s just be vigilant and make sure that they are healthy and happy!

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