Cat Destroying the Furniture?

This has been a problem as long as humans with domesticated cats have had furniture! You come home only to find that it’s been destroyed. But what can you do? For the best suggestions, check with your Fort Collins vet.

Better Scratching Post

Scratching is something that cats naturally do for entertainment. However, if your cat is scratching the furniture, chances are good that your cat either doesn’t have a scratching post or that the scratching post you do have isn’t suitable to your cat. You can ask your Fort Collins vet for more advice on types of scratching posts to buy. Look around online for more options.

Citrus Spray

Similar to a solution many dog owners use, citrus can be a sort of “cat repellant” for the furniture. You can use a search engine to locate many different recipes or simply buy some. This can be very effective at staving off the cat from your beloved Lazy-boy. Ask your Fort Collins vet for the best recommendation.

Knowing your cat is important to figuring out the best solutions for this problem.

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