Caring for Your Snake

One of the more tender pet topics is how to feed your pet snake. Snakes are a unique pet to own and as such require a little more research to understand. Always check with your Vancouver vet clinic for the best information.

What Snakes Eat

There is no way around it – snakes are carnivorous in nature. There’s no feeding him vegetables and tofu, they need to eat other animals. They most commonly eat warm blooded mammals such as mice, but a few species of snakes eat insects, frogs, eggs, or other reptiles. Check with your Vancouver vet clinic for more information as to which species eat which prey.

Live or Pre-Killed Prey

On the whole, it is important to remember that live prey can sometimes injure your snake through bites or scratches. Pre-killed prey can offer a safe dining environment for your pet. Your Vancouver vet clinic can offer the best information on this. Pre-killed prey is also much easier to store, so you can keep your snake’s food in bulk as opposed to having to keep it alive.

Feeding Time

How often your snake eats depends on several factors. Smaller and younger snakes will eat twice per week whereas older or larger snakes might only eat once per week. This is certainly lower maintenance than a lot of pets. Check with your local Vancouver vet clinic for more details on your snake’s meal frequency.

Water Considerations

Give your snake a heavy bowl of water which cannot easily be tipped over. Keep in mind that it needs to be changed often as sometimes your snake will eliminate in his own drinking water (in the wild, they’re used to moving water). Also, from time to time your snake will actually rest in the water itself. Check with your Vancouver vet clinic for more specific information regarding how to best keep your pet hydrated.

Not Eating

If your snake isn’t eating, contact your local Vancouver vet clinic. There are a variety of reasons that it might not be eating. Sometimes, it could be something as simple as noise, stress, or a new environment. However, it could also be the result of a more serious problem. For this reason it is essential to contact your Vancouver vet clinic as soon as possible.

Snakes are very interesting and rare pets to have. Taking the time to make sure that their environment is properly set up and functional is the best way to ensure a long and happy life. For more information on taking care of your pet snake, check with your Vancouver vet clinic.

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