Caring for a Blind Pet

We all love our pets very much. Unfortunately – just like us – their bodies will deteriorate over time. This can exhibit itself in things like arthritis, deafness, and even blindness. For the latter of these, what do you do when your pet, either through time or an accident, becomes blind? As always, ask your Vancouver vet.

How to Tell

Surprisingly, it isn’t always easy to tell whether or not your pet is blind or not. It can be something like being easily startled, bumping into objects, not being able to find food and water bowls, and a host of other indicators. For more, check with your Vancouver vet.

What to Do

Always treat them with compassion. It isn’t easy to lose a sense. Try not to move the environment around too much. Talk to your pets so they know you’re there. Give them extra love and attention. For more advice, check with your vets Vancouver.

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