Care Tips for Senior Dogs

Is your dog getting along in years? Senior dogs require much different care than puppies. Learn about some helpful care tips here from your Wake Forest, NC veterinarian.

Senior Diet

All older dogs should be eating a specially formulated senior diet to maximize health during the elderly years. Your senior pooch’s nutritional needs are quite different than what they used to be! Talk to your vet to get a recommendation on a great food for your dog.

Home Modification

Consider building or purchasing pet ramps to set up around your home, especially if your dog is suffering from the pain of arthritis. These can do wonders for helping your pet onto furniture or up and down the staircase. You may also consider raising your dog’s food and water dishes slightly; this way, he or she doesn’t have to bend the neck as far to eat and drink.

Regular Exercise

Senior dogs need exercise, too! In fact, regular exercise is essential to stave off obesity and keep the muscles and joints limber. It also keeps your aging dog’s mind engaged, helping to prevent undesirable behaviors like whining or chewing.

Ask your Wake Forest, NC vet Clinic for more senior dog care tips.

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