Can My Dog Have Peanuts?

Have you ever wondered whether or not your dog can have peanuts? They’re a favorite snack for humans, but what about your canine companion? When it comes down to it, peanuts just aren’t worth the risk. Learn more here from a vet in Frisco, TX.

Added Ingredients

Plain, unsalted, unflavored peanuts actually can provide some nutritional value to your pooch. But let’s face it: how often do you actually eat plain peanuts? Most likely, you’re eating salted peanuts, or peanuts that are flavored with honey or some other addition. These added chemicals and preservatives aren’t good for your pup!

Too Much Fat

Peanuts contain a lot of fat. Too much fat can lead to a deadly case of pancreatitis in your dog. While your pooch would have to eat quite a lot of peanuts for this to happen, it’s just not worth risking. If you must give your dog plain peanuts, keep the portion size very small.

Choking Hazard

One of the biggest dangers of peanuts is that they’re easy to get stuck in your dog’s throat. Don’t let your dog gobble up multiple peanuts at once!

To learn more about your dog’s diet, call your veterinary clinic Frisco, TX.

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