Can I Catch Diseases From My Cat?

Have you ever wondered if you can catch diseases from your cat? The answer is yes! Learn more here from a veterinarian Rochester, NY.

What Diseases Can I Catch From a Cat?

Diseases that can pass from an animal to a human, or vice versa, are known as zoonotic diseases. It’s not likely that your cat will pass a disease to you, but it’s possible. Examples include cat scratch disease, giardiasis, toxoplasmosis, ringworm, salmonella, and rabies. Fleas, ringworms, hookworms, and other parasites could also be transmitted.

Who is Most at Risk?

Generally speaking, healthy adults are not at a high risk of contracting a disease from their cat. The most at-risk individuals include those that are immunocompromised, pregnant women, and extremely old or young people.

How Can I Minimize the Risk?

Practicing basic hygiene—washing your hands regularly, avoiding direct contact with your cat’s litter or feces—is the first step. Also, make sure to keep your cat updated on essential vaccinations and pest-control medicines. These measures will all but ensure you won’t catch a disease from your feline friend.

Does your cat need vaccines or pest-control medications? We are here to help. Contact your animal hospital Rochester, NY today.

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