Can Cats See at Night?

Cats can smell and hear things that humans can’t. But how does their vision compare to ours? Can cats really see in the dark? Your Austin vet clinic can check your cat’s eyesight, but here are some facts that apply to all cats.


Cats can’t see as many colors as humans can. Cats’ eyes have fewer light-receptors than humans, meaning that their daytime vision is not as clear. Scientists believe that cats mainly see blue and gray tones. Your Austin vet clinic can explain the structure of your cat’s eyes.


Cats have a 200 degree range of vision, compared to humans’ 180 degrees. However, most cats are also nearsighted, meaning they can’t see far-away objects clearly. They also can’t tell if slow-moving objects are moving. Ask your Austin vet clinic about how this may affect your senior cat’s mobility.

Night Vision

Cats have the advantage at night. Their eyes are more sensitive in low-light situations. They can differentiate objects from the space around them easily in the dark. Still, remember to ask your veterinarians Austin,TX if it is safe for your cat to go out at night.

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