What Does the Breed Mean?

If you get a pit bull, will it be aggressive? If you get a golden retriever, will it be kind? If you get a border collie, will it be super intelligent?

Everyone asks these questions when looking for a new member of the family. It is important to remember, though, that the breed of a dog is only a predictor of its eventual temperament. Nurture far outweighs nature in how a dog will turn out. That isn’t to say that certain traits will or will not express themselves, but it isn’t a reason to outright discount a dog. Your Marietta vet clinic will have some great information on all of this.

Unfortunately, some people do terrible things to dogs which makes them violent. But the breed alone does not make this the case. There are, however, breeds that have more innate intelligence, but that doesn’t mean that all border collies are going to have more intelligence than all golden retrievers. Check with your Marietta vet clinic for more information regarding how a dog’s breed affects it.


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