Best Toys for Your Cat

It is incredibly important that you play with your cat. Play helps to stimulate the brain and keeps your feline family member sharp and focused as it grows up. In kittens, it helps to instill proper social behavior with humans. But what toys are really the best to get for playing with your cat? Always check with your Niagara Falls vet for the most up to date information.

Simple and Effective

Fortunately, most cats are very easy to amuse and can even amuse themselves. Most cats will even go absolutely nuts over a crumpled up ball of paper!


The possibilities are endless. It is best though to test them out on your cat to see what it really likes. Wands are great for engaging your cat. Make sure it has scratch pads and the like as well. Your Niagara Falls vet will have some wonderful ideas for making this fun and engaging.

Take a little time every day to make sure that your cat grows up and stays healthy with playtime! If you have any questions, contact your veterinary clinic niagara falls.

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