Basic Health Considerations for Your Dog

With Spring arriving, there are a few reminders concerning your dogs’ health. There are several possible factors to keep in mind and re-up on some preventative care. For the best information on your dog’s health, check with your Greenville vet clinic.

Heartworm Prevention

It’s always important to keep your dogs on their disease prevention regimen. In Spring especially, make sure that your pet is covered. For more information about this, check with your Greenville vet clinic.


Yes, it’s true, sometimes dogs can have allergies. Sometimes the signs are sneezing or coughing excessively and sometimes there are certain skin conditions you might notice. Check with your Greenville vet clinic to ensure that your dog is okay, should these symptoms present themselves.

Checking up on your dogs will ensure their health and prosperity in the long run. Keep an open dialog with your Animal hospital Greenville SC.

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