Bad Breath in Dogs

“Dog Breath” is a common insult among small children, and the expression doesn’t come from nothing. Dogs can have bad breath, but what can you do about it? Here are a few quick and helpful tips. For the best in canine dental hygiene, check with your Aurora, CO vet.


Daily brushing of his teeth can help keep a number of plaque and other bacteria out of your dog’s mouth. This will help prevent gingivitis, just like it does in humans. For detailed instructions of how, check with your Aurora, CO vet.

Special Treats

There are some treats which are specifically formulated to help maintain your dog’s teeth. Ask your Aurora, CO vet for the best suggestions of these treats.

Regular Cleanings

Getting your dog’s teeth cleaned on a regular schedule can prevent some more serious problems down the line which are incredibly painful and far more costly. Check with your vet clinic Aurora, CO to find out about when you can schedule your own dog’s cleaning.

Keep a sharp eye out for infections. When your dog’s breath has the scent of rot, often there’s an infection. Seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible if this happens.

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