Are You Ready to Own a Reptile?

Are you considering adopting a reptile pet in the near future? Reptiles make wonderful pets, but it’s important to understand all facets of their care. Below, your Oshawa, ON veterinarian goes over some of the basics.


Your reptile will need a cage or terrarium that is big enough to house sleeping areas, branches, huts, food and water dishes, lamps, etc. Also keep in mind that many reptiles need specialized lighting or heating devices to stay healthy—factor in the cost of such items when budgeting for your new animal addition.


Some reptiles eat live or freshly killed food, like mice, while others eat crickets, fruit and vegetables, or a commercial reptile food. Make sure you’re aware of your pet’s nutritional requirements before bringing them home; ask your veterinarian for further details on your particular pet’s diet.


Keep in mind that reptile pets can’t exactly be cuddled or taken for walks like dogs or cats—it’s important that all members of your family, especially young children, understand this. Reptiles may also have special handling and safety requirements that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with.

For more information on proper reptile care, contact your pet clinic Oshawa, ON today.

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