Antibiotics for Cats

Antibiotics are quite common in the world of human healthcare. They’re also used for pets, including our feline friends! Learn more about antibiotics for cats in this article from a Rochester, NY veterinarian.

What Are Antibiotics Used to Treat?

Antibiotics treat bacterial infections in or on your cat’s body. It’s important to note that they do not treat viral infections; the only time a pet suffering from a viral infection would be prescribed an antibiotic is when they’ve developed a secondary bacterial infection.

How Do They Work?

Antibiotics work in several ways. Some destroy harmful bacteria by weakening the cell walls; others stop the bacteria from multiplying, and others prevent the bacteria from repairing itself.

How Are They Given to Cats?

Some antibiotics might take the form of topical gel application, put directly onto your cat’s skin. Others might be a pill or tablet that gets swallowed. It’s important to ask your vet whether or not to give your cat this medication with food or not; some antibiotics must be given on an empty stomach, while others should be given with a meal.

Talk to your Rochester, NY vet for more information on antibiotics and cats. We’re here to help!

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