Answering Your Questions on Catnip

Do you own a cat? It’s great fun to give them catnip and see what antics ensue. To learn more about catnip and the way it affects our feline companions, read on as your Savannah, GA veterinarian elaborates.

What is Catnip, Anyway?

Catnip is an herb, similar to the mint plant. The wild plant is found all over North America and is a leafy green with white flowers. In a pet store, you’ll find a dried and processed version of the plant, and catnip can also be infused into toys, sprays, and other products.

What Makes Cats React to Catnip?

The oils of the catnip plant contain a chemical known as nepetalactone. It’s this chemical that causes cats to react the way they do. Experts believe the nepetalactone is a kind of cat aphrodisiac, eliciting a nearly sexual response in your cat’s brain!

Why Isn’t My Cat Responding?

Cats actually require a specific gene, inherited from their parents, to feel the effects of catnip. If they don’t possess it, catnip won’t do much of anything! If your cat doesn’t respond to catnip, don’t fear—they’re perfectly healthy.

For more information on catnip, give your veterinarians Savannah, GA a call.

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