Anger In Dogs

It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether a dog is feeling playful or is becoming angry. Here are a few tell-tale signs. If your dog is frequently anxious or aggressive, talk to your Houston, TX vet.

Play Bowing

Your dog may bark or even growl during play. However, if these sounds are accompanied by a play bow– that is, if your dog lowers the front of his body– there’s probably nothing to worry about. If you are unsure about your dog’s vocalizations, ask your Houston, TX vet.


We usually assuming that a wagging tail means a happy dog, but this isn’t always true. Sometimes, it means the dog is afraid. If a dog puts his tail straight up, he is probably feeling aggressive. If your dog is frequently aggressive, your Houston, TX vet can help.


If your dog seems especially tense or rigid, he probably isn’t happy. Watch for this while you’re playing to make sure he’s feeling all right. Your Houston, TX vet can suggest techniques to help your dog relax.

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