Amazing Pet Therapy Animals

We all know that hospitals and retirement facilities can be a little depressing to the patients and residents within. Pet therapy animals have the power to change all that! It’s a wonderful opportunity for dogs and cats who can maintain a calm demeanor. Volunteers are made up of pet owners just like you, and they do some serious good in the community.

There’s a lot to be said about the power of animals and the connection that people have to them. You can see it in the effect that therapy animals have on the patients that they get to visit.

The Research

One Vanderbilt University study is currently aiming to get hard evidence about how extensively these volunteers can help. Many studies have already shown anecdotal evidence of the benefits that pet therapy animals provide. Now, by taking these furry friends into a children’s hospital, they will get to see all of the good done to each child’s condition. You can keep in touch with this one via the link provided and see over time how the specific numbers bear out.

More than just Patients

These dogs and cats aren’t just helping patients. They are also helping the nurses and doctors who deal with enormous stress in caring for their patients. In addition to providing at-work stress relief, the program – which started in this hospital – actually resulted in several foster animals finding their forever homes. Nurses and doctors who take care of the ailing patients are regularly put under a great deal of stress. These incredible pet therapy animals provide an amazing release for all of the staff that need a break!

Where to Start

There are many organizations nationwide which have an interest in accepting both people and their furry friends as volunteers. Normally, as is the case with Pet Partners, there is a certification process to make sure that the animal in question is capable of being calm and following instructions. Different organizations have different rules regarding behavior when “on the job,” so it’s best to check in with your own local chapter to make sure that your special family member makes the grade.

These animals add so much to the lives of so many. Your own pets could be the perfect match for a local organization and it is always a wonderful cause! If you live in the North Kingstown area and would like more information on pet therapy, visit the vet clinic North Kingstown.

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