How to Choose a Pet Sitter

Are you going to be away from home, but don’t want to put your pet in a kennel? A pet sitter is your best option! Below, your vet Lafayette, LA offers a few tips on choosing a great pet sitter for your animal friend.

Friends or Family

Often, friends or family members make the best sitters. That’s because you can trust them, and they may already have a relationship with your pet. They also may already be familiar with your home, a great advantage when it comes to feeding, walking, playing, and more.

Professional Sitters

There are plenty of options when it comes to hiring a professional pet sitter. Be sure to ask for a sitter’s qualifications, and don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from past clients of the sitter. It’s very important that you find someone you’re comfortable with to look after your pet!

What Sitters Need to Know

Your sitter will need to know about your pet’s feeding schedule and portion size, bathroom schedule, any medications they take, and any allergies or illnesses they manage. Set up an easy line of communication in case of questions or emergencies.

Contact your veterinarian Lafayette, LA for your pet’s veterinary needs.