Disaster Preparation Tips for Pet Owners

You just never know when a disaster situation may strike you and your family. When it comes to your pet’s safety, it’s best to be prepared! Here, your veterinarian Lafayette, LA offers a few key tips.

Do Your Research

If a storm, earthquake, chemical spill, wildfire, or some other disaster forces you away from home, you’ll want to be prepared to evacuate. Research veterinarian’s offices, animal shelters, and secure facilities along your route out of town. Check with friends or family members who live elsewhere to see if they would be able to put you and your pet up until you’re able to return home.

Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit for your pet that you can grab quickly on your way out the door. Include first-aid supplies, canned food and bottled water (don’t forget a can opener!), a few soft blankets, a pet bed, and a collar and leash.


In hectic evacuation or emergency situations, it’s easy for a pet to run away or get lost in the commotion. Proper identification is your best chance of getting your pet back—have your pet wear a microchip, ID tags, or both.

For more tips, call your vet Lafayette, LA.